Accelerating the possibilities of wearable technology to extend the independence and enhance the quality of life for vulnerable populations.


Meet Olli

A personalized interaction and monitoring solution for your loved one.

Olli is an assistive device that helps augment personalized care plans to enhance quality of life for those who strive to maintain independence while maintaining a connection and support from family, friends and caregivers.


Empowering Users to Live Independently

Olli is an app that was designed from the ground up to empower and provide independence to its users, specifically children with Autism and mature adults with dementia.



Wearable technology is a novel and exciting field. Olli uses the extensive array of sensors available in Apple Watches with dynamic, easy to use features, aimed at improving the independence and well-being of it's user and caregivers.

Comprehensive Care Plans


Check In

Activity Tracking


Circle of Care