Autism Spectrum Disorder

Meet Grace

As Stephen’s twin girls were growing up, he noticed that Grace was developing differently than her sister and by age two Grace was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Since then, Stephen’s mission has been to enter Grace’s world and better understand what she needs, to expose her to new experiences and to celebrate her uniqueness.

But something continuously gnawed at Stephen and escalated as Grace grew.

“What will she do when I am not around?”
“How will she manage activities of daily living, routines and her schedule?”
“What if she gets lost?”
“How can I best equip Grace to live safely and independently today and when she is older?"

What became clear was that she required a companion; a simple and easy to use digital wearable managed through an app, that when worn could help her live more independently.

And, as the product for children on the spectrum evolved it became clear to Steve and his growing team that this software could be adapted to support eldercare as well; specifically people living with early stages of dementia and people with chronic illnesses who want to remain in their home, live independently and retain some control over what has been taken away.

This is how iCan evolved; a project from the heart that grew legs, will continue to evolve and equip vulnerable populations (and their caregivers) with an affordable, comprehensive, easy to use application that supports and/or extends independent living.

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Did you know?

- Olli is equipped with an array of sensors that can track activity and measure health parameters (bio-metrics). This information is displayed in 'real time' on the caregiver app and is securely recorded. Data can be shared (based on permission) with parents, caregivers and healthcare providers.

- Olli also features a GPS tracking function that allows a caregiver to create alerts based on an individual's proximity (i.e. upon arriving or leaving a location) and track their location in real time. In case of emergency, Olli has a 1 touch calling function that allows the user to connect to a circle of care member.