For Families

You want to stay connected with your loved one.

But you also want them to have their independence and their dignity.
1 In 66

children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

the percentage of Canadians 65+ in 1971, 2018, 2033

of all Canadians will provide care for a family member, friend or neighbour at some point in their lives

Their Independance

Our app pairs with the Apple Watch, with no need for your loved one to have to wear a cumbersome or stigmatized medical device or pendant.

They’re empowered to live their lives independently, with their daily schedule and reminders never more than a few taps away.

Your Peace of Mind

We understand the struggles that you face in caring for a vulnerable loved one. It can be exhausting to deal with their cognitive problems and mood swings, while still guiding them through their daily routine and helping them stay positive.​

iCan helps simplify daily activities, improve communication across the circle of care, and add a sense of safety, even when you’re not there.​​

Trusted by Heath Care Providers

iCan is currently being used by Bayshore HealthCare to help their patients live independently with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Patients are free to live their lives freely, with any required assistance available in a few quick taps.

Meanwhile, caregivers and healthcare practitioners have real-time access to the patients’ vitals and their location at all times.

Our App + Apple Watch

Your custom plan can give your loved one:

Care Plans: Complete or dismiss activities of daily living.

Reminders: Receive and acknowledge reminders.

Health Monitoring: View heart rate and count steps.

Location & Safety: Receive safety zone alerts.

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