Olli supports and optimizes a loved one's care with advanced technology.

Core Features


Olli uses easy to follow visual step-by-step instruction system. Provide as much or as little detail as you want to help guide your loved through a task.

Activity Tracking

Maintaining movement goals for your loved one is a critical component for long-term health. Olli provides insights around heart-rate and motion.

Circle of Care

Your loved one has numerous people in their circle of care who love and help support them. Olli provides inclusive support for family, friends, primary, and secondary caregivers.


Get real time updates as your loved one completes tasks. This discrete and informal process provides piece of mind that your loved one is doing well and staying on track.

Monitoring your loved one's whereabouts and safety.

With Olli you always know where your loved one is located and what their schedule is for the day.

Enhancing and extending your loved one's independence.

Provide your loved one with gentle reminders and check-ins that empower them to live independently.

Managing and measuring your loved one's routines.

Olli's personalized care plan tool helps keep your loved one on track and provides you with peace of mind that critical tasks are being performed.

Increase your loved ones autonomy.

With an Olli watch your loved one can continue to live on their own and/or with a (family) care-giver supported by easy to use advanced technology.