For Healthcare Professionals

Gain real-time access to your patients’ vitals, activity, and location. Give them the ability to live independently and safely.

The combination of iCan’s technology and an Apple Watch helps you manage and monitor seniors or patients living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism and many other conditions.

iCan helps people living with dementia remain in the comfort of their home and the community while providing peace of mind to those within their circle of care.


Of people surveyed agree that innovation would help make Canadian seniors more comfortable with aging.


Of surveyed seniors are looking for solutions to help them live longer and more independently.


Of Canadians 65+ experience some form of memory loss, according to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

How iCan Helps

Real Time Data Icon

Real Time Data

Gain remote access to your patients’ vitals such as heart rate, pulse, or any of 70 other collectable data points. Access the data through intuitive dashboards.

Peripheral Devices

Sync with: • Glucose monitors • Non-contact thermometers • Pulse Oximeters • Blood pressure • Smart Workout equipment, such as jump ropes.

fall alerts

Fall Alerts

iCan takes the Apple Watch’s best-in-class fall detection and reporting functionality to the next level by notifying you and caregivers in the event of a fall, in addition to calling emergency services.

secure Data

Secure Data

Data security is your top priority, which is why it’s our top priority. All data is protected by the industry’s most secure encryption technology.

Upload Programs

Practitioners can upload things like care plans or exercise routines into our system. You can also upload helpful instructional videos through the system.

Location Tracking

Stay up to date on your patients’ geographic location at all times. Receive notifications if a patient feels lost or leaves a specified area with safety zone alerts.

Our solution can be scaled to solve any problems your organization is facing. Find out how!

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