For Pharmaceutical Companies

iCan Interactive is well-positioned to meet the growing need for wearable devices in the pharma sector.

For years, the healthcare system has faced a costly burden of patients who are non-adherent to therapies. This has led to increased health system costs, increased rates of hospitalization and reduced patient outcomes.

iCan’s wearable technology leverages data throughout a patient journey known as Real World Data (RWD). This insightful data gives patients, caregivers and healthcare teams a full picture to help guide clinical decision-making.

Industrialized countries struggle with average therapy adherence rates of about 50%, which causes…

The estimated cost of non-adherence for the US healthcare system

The estimated cost of non-adherence for Europe’s healthcare system

The estimated cost of non-adherence for Canada’s healthcare system

How iCan Helps

Real World Data

Monitor a patients’ heart rate, pulse, or any of 70 other collectable data points. Access the data in real-time

Bluetooth Devices

Sync with: • Glucose monitors • Non-contact thermometers • Pulse Oximeters • Blood pressure • Smart Workout equipment, such as jump ropes.

fall alerts

Fall Alerts

Ensure your patients are safe at all times with the Apple Watch’s industry-leading real-time fall detection and alerts

secure Data

Secure Data

Our platform is HIPAA Compliant and provides end-to-end protection. Data is encrypted when stored on the device and leverages Apple’s Healthkit intrinsic security.

Proven in Healthcare

iCan is already helping healthcare organizations. It has been leveraged to help healthcare practitioners monitor patients living with autism, Alzheimer’s, and dementia

Location Tracking

Track your patients’ geographic location in real-time. Get notified if your patient leaves a specified area with safety zone alerts. Or, help them if they find themselves lost.

Our solution can be scaled to solve any problems your organization is facing. Find out how!

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